Instant Cameras for Your Next Holiday Party

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Holiday parties are where memories happen. And instant cameras are a fun way to capture those moments at your next family get-together or workplace party. 

Instant cameras combine the user-friendliness of disposable cameras with the artistic style of Instagram filters. They’re also much cheaper than hiring a professional photographer, so you can document the fun without breaking your party budget. 

Keep reading to discover the best instant cameras. 

What Are Instant Cameras?

Instant cameras let you immediately print out a physical copy of the pictures you take. Just snap a photo, and the camera instantly prints out the image using self-developing film. 

The picture quality typically doesn’t compare to the high-resolution images from digital cameras and smartphones. However, that’s part of the appeal. The retro style and soft lighting provide a unique aesthetic, similar to Instagram’s vintage filters. 

Another draw of instant cameras is that they usually don’t store the images digitally—which makes every printed picture all the more special. Instead of simply adding photos to your already overloaded digital storage space, you get an irreplaceable photograph.

Plus, instant cameras remove the hassle of going through your pictures, picking a few, and printing them out. Just snap a picture, and you immediately get a physical copy of that memory.  

As you head into the holiday season, you may want to have instant cameras ready to capture those fun-filled moments. So, here are a few options to consider: 

Go Old School With Polaroid 

If you’re a fan of retro-style images, why not get an old-school camera to match? Maybe you remember having a Polaroid camera in the ’80s and want to relive those moments with a retro instant camera. Or perhaps you just love the look of traditional analog cameras. 

Either way, pulling out an old-school instant camera with revamped capabilities is a great way to make memories at your next holiday party. The Polaroid Now+ i-Type Instant Camera looks very similar to the vintage Polaroid cameras, but it’s a revamped version with the following features:

  • Double exposure
  • Autofocus
  • 5 lens filters

Another option is to go full old school with a refurbished vintage Polaroid 600 series camera. These original point-and-shoot cameras come equipped with pop-up flashes and sonar autofocus.

Try Mini Instant Cameras

If retro doesn’t fit your holiday party theme, there are plenty of other instant camera options like Fujifilm’s INSTAX Mini 7+ compact camera. The Mini 7+ is small enough for you and your guests to easily pass around during the party, and you can pick from five vibrant colors to match your decoration theme. 

Fujifilm offers several different mini instant cameras. So, if the style or colors of the Mini 7+ aren’t quite what you’re looking for, you can find other easily portable options with the INSTAX Mini 11. Aside from a wider range of color options, the Mini 11 offers automatic exposure control.

Keep in mind that all these mini models print small 2-inch by 3-inch pictures.

Instant Cameras for Kids Have Ergonomic Features for Little Hands

Instant cameras aren’t only for adults. If you’re planning to invite families to your holiday party, consider getting kid-friendly instant cameras like the Dragon Touch InstaFun2. This model has a cute design with cat ears and paw print buttons. Kids can also personalize their pictures with 35 frames and six filters before printing them. 

Another option is the Little Learners instant print camera which sports an ergonomic design for little fingers. It comes with various picture frames and uses thermal printing technology with non-toxic paper and zero ink. However, because there’s no ink, the pictures come out only in black and white.

One of the biggest differences between these instant camera models and the others listed above is that these kid-friendly designs include a viewing screen and storage capabilities. Not only can you see the photos before printing, but you can also upload them to a computer. 

Some Instant Cameras Mix the Old & the New

If you’re thinking that it would be nice to have storage capabilities in an instant camera for adults, you’re in luck. Fujifilm’s INSTAX line offers hybrid models that combine the old and the new.

For example, the Mini LiPlay camera comes with an LCD screen and 30 frame options. Plus, you can connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth and edit images from the LiPlay app before printing from the camera. 

Meanwhile, the Mini Evo retro-styled camera also allows you to connect the camera to your smartphone and use it as a remote control for the perfect group shot. It comes with the following:

  • A display screen
  • 10 film effects
  • A micro SD slot so you can store your images 

Start Collecting Holiday Memories

Instant cameras may be just what you want for capturing memories at your next holiday party. Your guests immediately get a copy of their photographs to take home with them. Plus, you can take several shots and make a collage for your family, friends, or coworkers. 

Whether you need something kid-friendly or a truly retro camera, there are plenty of cost-effective options to choose from. Start with the ones mentioned above and get ready for an unforgettable holiday season.