Moving Out Tips: Apps to Make Moving Day Easier

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The stress of moving and trying to protect your furniture in the process is enough to make anyone frustrated. But our moving-out tips can help you streamline the process and reduce your stress. 

Thankfully, there are some great apps to help you have a better moving experience. So, as you search for moving out tips, be sure to look at apps that have been designed for different aspects of the move like ones to help you plan beforehand as well as apps that offer help on moving day.

Here are seven apps that just may make your next move easier than ever:

Help With Organization

Moving can be overwhelming, but the MoveAdvisor moving organization app can help with so many aspects of a move. Using the app is an excellent moving out tip in and of itself, that’s why we put it first on the list.

MoveAdvisor has four separate tools:

  • Moving Timeline: an intuitive calendar so you can set up each moving task
  • Home Inventory: helps you to create a detailed inventory of what you need to move, room by room
  • Movers Around You: helps you to find a reliable, reputable moving company
  • Get a Moving Quote: offers an obligation-free and easy way to get quotes from licensed and insured companies

Find a Moving Company

The Unpakt moving app can help you find the best prices from trustworthy moving companies in your area, and is another of our valuable moving out tips.

With this app, you can compare guaranteed moving quotes from companies in your area. You’ll be able to book online and enjoy what the company claims could be up to 45% savings, on average.

Also, you will:

  • Pay Unpakt, who will then pay the movers upon completion
  • Book now and pay later, with free cancellation up to 2 days before the date
  • Get a guaranteed price

There are 600 local and long-distance companies, all of which the company has checked and verified before they’re eligible to join the platform.

Move Individual Items

If you live in a studio or one-bed apartment, you may not have many large items of furniture to move. If this is your situation, one of our moving out tips is to consider Bungii, the on-demand pickup truck delivery app.

This app is useful for moving smaller items or single pieces of furniture, or for anyone who has limited items for a small space. 

Bungii is available on Google Play or through the App Store and is easy to use. Just post an image of the items you want moved and Bungii will connect you with a local driver. 

Each driver has:

  • Passed an 18-point safety standard
  • Completed stringent vetting, training, and onboarding

Bungii claims “people-friendly pricing” to help you get your items across town and a 99% five-star customer rating.

Clean Your Old Place

The Handy housecleaning and handyman app can help you find people to clean your old property. Remember, most landlords insist that you return a rental property to its original condition if you want to get your deposit back. 

With this app, you connect with locally based, top-rated cleaning professionals who will take care of the work as soon as you’re ready to move out.

All the cleaning professionals are:

  • Screened
  • Vetted
  • Backed by the company’s guarantee

Find a Place to Rent

If you’re looking to rent a property, the Rentberry home-finding app may help. The goal is to fully automate the rental experience, making it convenient for landlords and tenants.

Some other features of this app include:

  • Virtual tours
  • Scheduling tours online
  • Maintenance request messages

You can also search the homes for pet-friendly properties or look for new amenities to help you enjoy your place when you move in.


You may not have easy access to friends who can help with the big move, and it certainly involves a lot of work. So, if you need some moving helpers, check out the TaskRabbit freelancer app. Moving out tips are one thing, but there’s nothing quite like hands-on help. 

To use TaskRabbit, just type in what you’re looking for and the app will match you with a local freelancer (known as a “Tasker”) who’s ready to help.

Here are some more helpful features of the app:

  • Get a quote that they’ll calculate by the hour or by the job
  • Work with freelancers who undergo a background check before signing up
  • Narrow down your list of potential helpers according to their reviews, skills, and price
  • Schedule the work when it suits you

Get Rid of Excess Furniture

The OfferUp marketplace helps you sell any unwanted items, rather than just throwing them out. It claims to be the largest mobile marketplace in the country for this type of work, making it another great moving out tip that can help you downsize before your move.

Just take some photos of your items and set your price. A potential buyer can then contact you through the app and make the offer. It doesn’t cost anything for a basic listing, but you can pay to boost your entry and get in front of more buyers.

Get Ready for the Big Day With These Moving Out Tips

With plenty of planning and help from some of these moving out tips, you can make your moving day less painful than it could have been.

And when the moving dust has settled, and you need to start organizing each room in your new place, search for some apps to help you organize your new pantry.