Tech for Streaming Twitch

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Twitch is a gaming platform that allows users to broadcast their own gameplay for others to watch. There were more than three million monthly users streaming Twitch in its first year alone. Today, nearly 30 million people visit Twitch every day, and users have downloaded the streaming software more than 100 million times.

It helps to have the right gaming gear if you want to get in on Twitch. We’ll show you what it takes to join the masses who enjoy watching and streaming Twitch gaming content.

Why Twitch Is So Popular

Over the last 10 years, Twitch has experienced a phenomenal growth rate. Its path to app stardom started with popular live streaming Twitch games like World of Warcraft.

Today, Twitch is an esports leader that holds both online and offline events. These events have also helped to increase the popularity of the service.

The Twitch platform appeals to gamers, esports fans, and hobbyists alike. Part of the attraction of Twitch is that it lets gamers show off their skills. However, the platform is also very interactive. It allows viewers and streamers to engage in real-time.

Mobile Tech for Watching & Playing Twitch Streams

You may have an interest in a few devices if you want to get into Twitch streaming. Let’s begin with a couple of devices you can use to start streaming and watching Twitch streams.

Tune Into Twitch on Your Smartphone

Yes, you can watch and stream gaming action using a smartphone like the Apple iPhone SE. After creating a Twitch account, the iPhone’s powerful A13 Bionic chip enables you to watch exciting gameplay and even stream games.

Watch & Stream Twitch on Your Tablet

You can also tune in and stream Twitch on your iPad. In fact, the Twitch app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. With your iPad, you can watch Twitch games and stream your gameplay to devoted fans anywhere in the world.

Tech for Streaming Twitch Content Using Your Computer

If you’re using a computer and browser for streaming Twitch games, you’ll most likely do better with a desktop computer.

In many instances, a desktop can handle the computing load of gaming better than a laptop. If you want to stream your Twitch gameplay, for instance, it helps to understand that your computer must split its workflow between gaming and streaming Twitch. In that case, you may also find a few streaming accessories helpful, including a:

  • Capture card
  • Headset (or headphones)
  • USB microphone
  • Webcam

As you improve your streaming setup, you can add accessories. For instance, you could add an extra monitor or a separate computer dedicated to streaming while playing your game on the other PC and monitor.

Additional Upgrades for Streaming Twitch

Let’s have a closer look at more tech that will elevate your Twitch streams.

Capture Your Epic Gameplay With Razer Ripsaw HD

When streaming Twitch content, a video capture card gives your computer the power needed to capture and stream video content in real-time. The Razer Ripsaw HD capture card has a sleek profile and attractive shape. It’s also compatible with gaming consoles, allowing you to stream gameplay using your favorite device. It has an impressive 1080p video resolution capability, enabling 4K high-definition streaming of your gameplay.

Elgato Wave 3 Lets You Speak to Your Audience in Style

The Elgato Wave 3 USB microphone is a premium sound capture device that will allow to talk to other players as well as fans who view your Twitch stream. It looks great, and you’ll sound crisp and clear as you chat with your Twitch audience or opponents.

Add Game Reactions to Your Stream With the Logitech c920s Webcam

You can share the excitement of your streaming gameplay with the Logitech C920s webcam, which enables you to stream your unscripted reactions to your successes and failures. It delivers an excellent picture for a webcam of its class.

The Hyperx Cloud Alpha S Headset Provides Crystal Clear Audio for Gaming

Whether streaming or simply watching your players, with the Hyperx Cloud Alpha S gaming headset you can enjoy distraction-free audio. It’s a top-quality, comfortable headset designed especially for long gaming sessions.

Create a Twitch Studio With the Elgato Streamdeck

The Elgato Streamdeck stream controller empowers you to add customized actions and graphics that will take Twitch streaming to the next level. You can use the Streamdeck to launch up to 15 different pre-programmed actions, including:

  • Self-promotional tweets
  • Chat commands
  • Video effects
  • Sound effects

Watch Your Game on the Big Screen With Chromecast With Google TV

Twitch integrates natively with Chromecast with Google TV, making it easy to watch your favorite game streams and share content. With Chromecast, you can watch and broadcast Twitch on any Android device using your smart TV.

Watch & Stream Twitch With The Xbox Gaming Console

What if you could watch and stream Twitch on your favorite game console? Well, you can. In addition to watching and playing Twitch on your desktop, you can do the same using a dedicated gaming device like an Xbox Series S gaming console.

However, a game console like Xbox doesn’t have much extra computing power for rendering a real-time video stream like a desktop. A capture card such as the Elgato HD60S+ allows you to overcome that limitation and begin streaming Twitch recordings with your Xbox.

Get In on the Twitch Action

Hopefully, our guide will help you create your own engaging Twitch stream. You may also find it helpful to head over to Twitch Creator Camp to learn more. Who knows? Maybe you’ll become the next rising star streaming Twitch game content. Good luck!