The Best Gaming Gear Every Player Needs

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When you spend many long hours in front of a screen as an avid gamer, you need to take care of the essentials. This means finding the best gaming gear to be as comfortable as possible, ready to beat your competition. 

It’ll pay to invest in some quality gaming gear like controllers, keyboards, and headsets, so you can always maintain your edge. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the best gaming gear around today. 

Choose a Comfortable Headset for Full Immersion

Gaming should be a multisensory experience, so you’ll need a top-notch set of headphones. Unfortunately, it’s not often easy to find this type of gaming gear that not only delivers crisp sound but also is comfortable for long sessions and doesn’t hurt if you wear glasses. 

But luckily the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 Max Headset checks all those boxes.

Besides comfort, you’ll also get over 48 hours of battery life on one charge, a range of first-class audio drivers, and 50 mm immersive surround sound speakers.

This headset also:

  • Is compatible with Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac
  • Has a lag-free 2.4 GHz wireless connection
  • Has a Gen 2 microphone for clear conversations with teammates
  • Is certified carbon neutral

Add a Precision Joystick to Your Gaming to Keep You in Control

While a joystick may seem old school when it comes to gaming, this accessory can still be a great help when you’re engaged in battles.

When shopping for a precision joystick, look for something that’s ergonomically designed for comfort, with a wide hand rest and weighted base to reduce stress on your arm and enhance stability.

Consider the Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS joystick, which you can use in VR and non-VR environments, featuring four axes and 16 buttons.

This piece of gaming gear also has:

  • 3 removable components so you can tailor it for left- or right-hand use
  • An 8-way point of view hat switch
  • An adjustable trigger for civilian or military flights

Upgrade to a Responsive Keyboard for Computer Gaming

When you’re in the heat of battle and fractions of a second count, you’ll want the most responsive keyboard with high precision. What about a keyboard with a response rate 11 times faster and actuation that’s 10 times faster than a standard mechanical keyboard?

The Apex Pro TKL advanced keyboard may have the world’s fastest adjustable switches, and you can customize the sensitivity of each key from speedy to deliberate.

This piece of gaming gear gives you:

  • 2-in-1 action keys
  • An OLED smart display
  • RGB key illumination with a compact design
  • Custom actuation points
  • An aircraft-grade aluminum alloy casing

Don’t Forget eSport Glasses to Help Reduce Fatigue

If you spend many hours in front of a gaming screen, you’ll want to give your eyes a break so you don’t tire as quickly and can stay competitive for longer. 

Gunnar’s Vayper gaming glasses are lightweight and comfortable to wear. This great-looking gaming gear is available in prescription form and meant for advanced eSports competition.

These glasses have:

  • Adjustable nose pads
  • Flexible, ultra-slim temples
  • Wide format lenses
  • High-tensile steel construction
  • Lenses that block blue light and are anti-reflective

Go for a Quality Microphone to Chat With Teammates

You need a high-quality microphone without distortion if you want people to hear you while gaming or streaming. You’ll also want something hands-free that crucially makes your voice clear to teammates, competitors, or viewers. 

The Logitech Yeti USB microphone is one of the most popular pieces of gaming gear and has an iconic design. It’s easy to use through the single adjustable knob for gain, volume, and blend, and is omnidirectional.

This microphone is also:

  • Equipped with a 3.5 mm headphone jack
  • Compatible with boom arms and shock mounts
  • A plug and play microphone for Mac or PC

Add a Sharp & Dynamic Monitor to Make Graphics Pop

You can have the best controllers and keyboards, but the monitor is the most important piece of gaming gear in your life. You should look for something the manufacturers have specifically designed for gaming, with an ultrafast refresh rate and full adjustability.

One option is the ASUS TUFVG27VQM Curved Gaming Monitor, which has a 27-in. screen with a 1MS response time for the smoothest gameplay.

In addition, it features:

  • Extreme low-motion blur technology
  • High dynamic range with great contrast and lifelike colors
  • Curved design
  • Low latency, stutter- and tear-free capability

Take Care of All Your Gaming Gear Essentials

With careful research, you can choose high-quality products to perfect your gaming experience. Once you take care of all the essentials, such as a keyboard, joystick, headset, microphone, and blue-light-blocking glasses, so you’ll be ready for anything when you boot up your system.

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