Tiny House Tech You Need In Your Small Space

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If you don’t have much space at home, you can still enjoy lots of compact technology to make your life easier and more convenient. Did you know there’s tiny house tech to fit your tiny house, small apartment, or any other living space with low square footage?

Here’s a list of some of the best tech gadgets for tiny homes to get you started:

Cook in a Small Space With Tiny House Tech for the Kitchen

A traditional kitchen requires lots of room for appliances, dishes, pots, and pans. But fortunately there’s a device that cooks foods in a variety of methods all in one pot—a perfect space saver for a tiny house.

We’re talking about the Instant Pot Duo Mini, a tiny electric pressure cooker that doesn’t require an oven or stovetop. Besides being a small appliance, pressure cooking is up to 70% faster than other methods, and it’s more efficient.

This pressure cooker comes with nine functions:

  • Pressure cook
  • Rice
  • Slow cook
  • Steam
  • Sous vide
  • Yogurt
  • Cake
  • Sauté
  • Keep warm

Other features of the Instant Pot Duo Mini include:

  • Quiet steam release with a remote function to protect your hands
  • Digital control panel
  • Stainless-steel steaming rack
  • Lid that seals automatically after you close it 
  • 25 customizable programs with instructions to make cooking easier
  • Anti-spin design that keeps the pot in place when you stir
  • An app that lets you use your smartphone to send recipes to the Instant Pot Duo Mini or control it from anywhere

Choose a Tiny Espresso Maker for Your Morning Java

A professional-grade cup of coffee doesn’t require a machine that takes up all of your counter space. Enter the Breville Bambino espresso maker, which isn’t much bigger than a coffee cup.

The simple buttons let you make one or two shots of espresso at a time. And precise temperature control delivers coffee at exactly 200 degrees F. But if you want to make your cup of coffee a bit more fancy, this coffee maker also includes a powerful steam wand to create fun latte art.

Still, if you want your tiny house coffee tech to be a little more simple, you can also try the Nespresso Essenza Mini coffee machine, Nespresso’s smallest machine.

Since it’s Nespresso all you have to do is pop in your preferred coffee pod and press a button. You can choose from two cup sizes as well as two shapes and three colors so it’s sure fit into your kitchen decor.

Save Space With a Digital Photo Frame

Storing items digitally instead of keeping physical copies can help you save space. Rather than keeping traditional photo albums and displaying a few copies of your favorite pictures, you can store your photos online and use tiny house tech to view them whenever you want.

If a digital photo frame sounds like a good idea, consider the Mason smart HD digital picture frame from Aura. This frame has a 9-in. high-resolution display that can adjust for portraits or panoramic shots.

The frame comes with the Aura app, which includes free, unlimited cloud storage. And sharing your photos couldn’t be easier because you can invite friends and relatives to share photos, plus you can add new photos to the frame, right from the app.

Once you set up your storage, the actual frame itself is extremely user-friendly. For example, the brightness level is adjustable, and there’s a speaker for videos. Plus, you can even set the Aura Mason to shut off at night automatically using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Enjoy Movie Night With Tiny House Tech for Movie Lovers 

Even if your home is small, you can still create a movie theater experience.

First, you’ll need a projector. So consider the AAXA P8 Mini Smart Projector. This projector is small enough to fit in your palm, and it comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It has internal speakers, and you can add a remote and a car charger. As far as the picture, this projector uses an LDP display technology, which is what you get at most cinemas.  

Then, you can either project your movie or TV show onto a blank wall or you can invest in an inexpensive projector screen like the Elite Screens Manual B Pull Down Projector Screen. This screen mounts easily to a wall or ceiling, and rolls back into the holder when you’re not using it. It looks a bit like a window shade, so it will fit seamlessly into any decor, and it’s available in sizes from 80 to 135 in.

Increase Your Home’s Efficiency With the Right Tiny House Tech

To save more money in a small space, it’s a good idea to look for tiny house tech that helps your home to be as efficient as possible. Otherwise, you’ll still have large energy bills despite your home’s size.

If you’re worried about energy bills in your tiny house, check out the MRCOOL Advantage 4th Generation Multi-Zone Ductless Mini-Split Pump, which is ideal for a tiny home. It works like a traditional heat pump, but it can heat and cool spaces without ductwork.

This system comes with an indoor unit to mount on a wall, and a compact outdoor unit. This MRCOOL system also comes with a remote, or you can control it with your smartphone. Conveniently, it’s also compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Another way to make your small space more efficient and to prepare for any power outages is with the Grape Solar 600-Watt Off-Grid Solar Panel Kit. These panels are easy to install and can power a host of gadgets like LED lights, mini-fridges, and TVs. Plus, there’s very little maintenance involved and they come with a five-year warranty.

Live the Life You Want With Tiny House Tech

Tiny house tech can help you maintain your lifestyle with compact gadgets that help you cook the foods you want and enjoy your morning cup of coffee without having to sacrifice quality. But tiny house tech can also help you save money and help the environment by increasing your home’s energy efficiency.

Thankfully there’s tiny house tech out there that can help you enjoy your tiny house with full-size comfort and convenience.