Top 6 Smart Bathroom Gadgets of 2021

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A good massage, a warm shower, and your favorite music—wouldn’t it be great if you could visit the spa every day? Well, it’s possible. Bring the spa to your home with these smart technologies that will turn your bathroom into a clean and efficient luxury retreat.

Best Bathroom Gadgets of 2021

1. Sing In the Shower With a Bluetooth Speaker Showerhead

Your bathroom jazz concert doesn’t get better than this. Pair a wireless waterproof showerhead speaker with your phone or mobile device, cue up your favorite song, and turn your shower into a vibrant sensory experience. The Kohler Moxie Showerhead is our top pick for a waterproof showerhead. Key features of this smart bathroom gadget include: 

• Up to six hours of playing time
• Magnetic docking to securely place and remove the speaker for charging
• Built-in smart assistant for voice activation (Amazon Alexa-enabled version)

2. Say Goodbye to Bathroom Shivers With a Towel Warmer

Enjoy toasty warm towels every time you step out of the shower with a Towel Warmer from Anzzi. High-quality towel warmers can be a bit of an investment, but the fact that they combine style and function might tempt you. And they’re not just a luxury item—towel warmers can make your towels more hygienic by preventing them from becoming damp and harboring mold.

This Anzzi Towel Warmer comes in stylish metallic finishes such as chrome and silver. Plus, it also adds extra storage with a built-in top shelf to store other bathroom linens. The best part is that you won’t have to deal with any additional wiring or installation, you simply plug it into an existing outlet and you’re ready to go.

3. Always Look Flawless With a Sensor Mirror

The Simplehuman sensor mirror helps you see every little detail on your face, which is just what you need whether you’re applying makeup, shaving, or doing your eyebrows. With a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 95, the mirror mimics the color spectrum of actual sunlight. 

The smart bathroom mirror comes bordered with a ring of surgical-grade LED lights and specially arranged micro-reflectors preventing any light loss or hotspots. Conveniently, this electronic mirror turns on automatically simply when you look at it. 

And the mirror actually has threee magnifications for you to choose from:

  • One side of the mirror helps you look at yourself in real size
  • The other side of the mirror lets you see your full face with greater clarity at 5X magnification
  • The smaller 10X magnification window allows you to see every little detail

4. Change the Way You See Your Weight With a Smart Mat 

The smart bathroom mat from Mateo uses medical-grade technology to check your:

  • Body weight
  • Body mass index
  • Body posture

Mateo compiles this information for you to check on your phone or simply sends you an alert.

This smart bathroom scale mat also calculates relevant diet or exercise requirements based on your weight data. Thankfully Mateo keeps this data away from the public internet and follows privacy protocols to keep your data secure.

Unfortunately Mateo’s smart bath mat isn’t available for purchase just yet. But you can get on the waitlist for this highly anticipated smart bathroom gadget.

5. Keep Your Toilet Clean With an Electric Self-Cleaning Brush

Maintaining hygiene begins with keeping your toilet clean all the time. With this electric self-cleaning UV toilet brush, you can clean your toilet like a pro. With the touch of a button, the motor-powered brush starts spinning to remove stains. The brush also uses UV-C sanitization to kill germs and keep the toilet sparkling clean.

When the cleaning is complete, you can set the brush in its base to self-clean. This electric brush is powered by a battery that lasts up to one and a half hours on a single charge and comes with a micro-USB port for charging.

6. Take Hygiene to the Next Level With a Smart Toilet Seat  

The Slim One toilet seat from Bio Bidet may just change the way you visit your bathroom. With proprietary heating technology and enhanced temperature controls, this smart toilet seat is ideal if you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom experience.

The self-cleaning three-in-one nozzle provides you with the most comfortable wash while allowing you to adjust the pressure as well. In addition, the fixed side-control panel houses all the necessary options, from operating a heated seat to a glowing nightlight. 

Give Your Bathroom the Tech Upgrade

Whether you’re looking to design a new bathroom or upgrade an existing one, these smart gadgets can transform your bathroom into the smartest space in your home.