Digital Heartbreak

Ain’t love grand? For lovers, Valentine’s day can be just another day to remind their partners how awesome they are. For some, statistics show that people have more of a relationship… with their phones.

It’s no surprise that Americans use their phones daily – and that daily usage causes damage in more ways than one! Many of us are so dependent on technology that we can’t see our lives without our smartphones. In fact, 1 in 10 Americans say they’d give up their partner before they would their phone!


All that smartphone play often means Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – and you guessed it – dating sites. The results are in and the news isn’t good. People who have tried online dating are 47 percent more likely to have damaged their phone in the past year than those who haven’t.

Ouch. Give those swiping thumbs a rest!


In more depressing news, no doubt due to the rise of social media and the easy access to dating apps, one in four people admitted to cheating on their partner. Of those cheaters, 19 percent were more likely to break their phones (thank you, Karma!)

MCP-2022_VDay_Infographic_Social2It seems heartbreaks and cracked screens may be inevitable for some. Fortunately, SquareTrade can help with the latter. As for hearts, Valentine’s Day candy usually gets discounted on the 15th so things are looking up.