Women’s Leadership Initiative

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SquareTrade is excited to announce our Women’s Leadership Initiative!

Our goal is to help women become leaders in their own roles, acknowledge the unique challenges and issues that women face in the workplace and increase awareness of challenges among our peers – male or female.

We hope this new initiative creates create a collaborative environment for professional and personal development and hope to open it up to all members of the SquareTrade team soon.

Whats next? A Girl Geek x SquareTrade collab, of course!

The best part of this Leadership dinner & panel is that it’s open to everyone. Weigh in on key issues, as well as gain valuable insight on how to overcome challenges with the right tools.

When: June 27th, 2018 from 5pm-8pm.

Where: At SquareTrade HQ right here in San Francisco

Who’s going to be there?

* Lisa Q. Fetterman, Nomiku CEO & Founder

* Staci Slaughter, SF Giants EVP, Communications & Senior Advisor to the CEO

* Margaret Reeves, SquareTrade VP Product Management

* Claire Hough, Udemy VP Engineering

* Nupur Srivastava, Grand Rounds VP Product Management

* Bonnie Shu, Harbor Product Compliance Manager

What a great lineup of women, right?! Be sure to grab your tickets here. We look forward to connecting with you!