Your Checklist to Clean Your Dorm Room Furniture & Appliances

Reading Time: 6 minutes

It’s hard to focus on daily tasks like cleaning your dorm room furniture when you’re studying for exams. That’s why the start of the semester is an ideal time to get that dorm room in shape. 

So, let’s make sure you’re doing all the necessary cleaning tasks and that you’re stocked up on the right products to help you be as efficient as possible.

Read on for your handy checklist to help you clean your dorm room furniture and appliances.

Start Your Dorm Room Furniture Clean With the Mattress

You regularly wash the bedding that you bring into the dorm, like your mattress pad and sheets. But the mattress that’s typically provided by the school should get your attention from time to time.

The mattress and other “non-washable” soft surfaces can often trap dirt and debris which will accumulate as the weeks go by. So to clean your dorm mattress, consider the Mattress Cleaner from Norwex for this task.

This cleaner:

  • Also works on comforters, pillows, sofas, and curtains
  • Has a unique, enzyme-powered formula to tackle organic material and allergens
  • Is biodegradable
  • Is suitable for sensitive skin and is dermatologist tested
  • Has an adjustable nozzle for foam or mist

The Dorm Room Furniture That Needs Special Attention: Your Desk

If you’re a typical student, the dorm room furniture that gets a lot of use will be your desk/workstation. And it’s a good idea to pay extra attention to the cleanliness of your desk by deep cleaning and disinfecting the space properly each semester.

This task is also an excellent opportunity to declutter the desk drawers and decide whether to keep, trash, or recycle any paperwork. Then, once you do this, you can pay attention to actually cleaning the desk.

Start by getting rid of any dust. You may need a special duster that’s safe to use on all surfaces, especially electronics. The CleanAide Electrostatic Duster with 3-Section Extension Pole from Eurow is a great option, especially if you need to clean overhead ceiling fans in addition to your college dorm room furniture.

This product:

  • Has a duster head that unscrews so you can hold it by hand if you’re working on close objects
  • Features an aluminum design, so it’s lightweight but sturdy
  • Comes with easy clean instructions

Then after the dusting is done, you’ll want to wipe down your desk to sanitize it. The easiest way to do this is with disinfectant wipes, like Nice ‘n Clean Disinfecting Wipes.

These wipes are:

  • Pre-moistened with a proprietary solution to clean, deodorize, sanitize, and disinfect
  • Safe on all hard or nonporous surfaces
  • Made from plant-based renewable fibers

The two-sided wipes feature a textured scrubbing side to tackle and stubborn dirt, as well as a smoother side for easy cleaning. These wipes are best for engineered wood or laminate materials.

Take Extra Time Cleaning Table & Chairs

You can use the same products you used to clean the computer desk for other dorm room furniture like table and chairs. However, it’s also a good idea to keep your table and chairs looking shiny by cleaning and polishing at the same time. For this, use Guardsman Any Time Clean & Polish by Granite Gold.

This polish:

  • Is silicone-free but contains a blend of natural oils that’s gentle on furniture
  • Has UV protection against fading or discoloration
  • Is safe to use on all types of natural wood

Don’t Forget to Clean the Humidifier

Humidifiers help regulate the air in your dorm room but can quickly become messy without regular cleaning and maintenance. Unfortunately, you’ll find bacteria and mold buildup unless you clean them regularly and as needed.

How to Correctly Clean a Humidifier

  1. Start by emptying the water tank and letting it dry out.
  2. Remove as many pieces as possible based on your specific model and rinse them well.
  3. Wipe or scrub the inside of the tank with citric acid or vinegar to get rid of all the deposits.
  4. Rinse everything off again and leave them to dry naturally.

At the beginning of each semester, you should disinfect the whole unit using a solution of hydrogen peroxide bleach. Also, don’t forget to pay attention to the air filter if your product has one.

To make cleaning a humidifier easier, it’s a good idea to use a solution like the A7417 EZCal Cleaner & Descaler from Boneco.

This solution is:

  • A cleaning and descaling agent
  • Ready to mix with water and soak in place
  • Suitable for all humidifiers
  • Eco-friendly

The Dorm Room Item You Can’t Forget to Clean: Your Trash Can

Trash cans can get dirty quickly, even though you try to avoid spills and leaks. After all, students tend to throw all kinds of garbage in the can for convenience and worry about the mess later. Remember to inspect the inside of the trash can every time you empty it, and plan a deep clean when needed.

The Best Way to Clean a Trash Can

  1. Mix baking soda with water to create a thick paste, which you can apply to dirty or stained areas.
  2. Scrub the paste into those stains and let sit for 10 minutes.
  3. Rinse the can with hot water until the water runs clear.

If several students share the room, make a schedule so that everyone pitches in and has a turn cleaning the trash can.

Keep Your Fans in Good Working Order

Ceiling fans can be a lifesaver in the hottest seasons, but they can be one piece of dorm room furniture that’s challenging to clean, especially if they don’t have removable grates. But if you don’t clean them, dirt, dust, and grime can quickly build up to overwork the motor.

If it’s possible to take the fan apart, you can wash the grill and blades using soapy water in a sink. However, you should be careful when working with the motor enclosure, and here, you should use a can of compressed air, such as the 10 oz. Disposable Duster from DustOff by Falcon Safety.

This duster:

  • Features compressed gas that you can use for many other tasks (including window blinds, computers, laptops, and keyboards)
  • Has an extension straw, so you get into hard-to-reach places

 It’s available in packs of six or 12 so you can stock up at the start of the semester.

Clean Your Mini Fridge

The mini fridge is an essential appliance for any college student, but don’t forget to occasionally give it a good clean.

How to Clean the Inside of a Mini Fridge

  1. Unplug the mini fridge to avoid electrocution risk.
  2. Empty the fridge so that you can take out the drawers, shelving, and other removable parts.
  3. Wash the removable parts in hot soapy water with a washcloth, scrubbing off any stains. Remember that the glass may be cold, so only use lukewarm water to prevent cracking.
  4. Clean the interior with soapy water and a microfiber cloth. You can also use an old toothbrush to work in tight corners before rinsing everything down with clean water.

Once you’ve finished cleaning the interior, remove any debris and dust that may have accumulated around the coils and condenser. Many students forget this part, but it can help extend the life of the mini fridge.

First, remove the protective grill from the bottom or rear of the unit, and then use a vacuum to clean around the coils.

Getting a Refrigerator Coil Cleaning Tool From EZVacuum can make this difficult task much easier.

This tool:

  • Can bend 180 degrees and will fit any vacuum cleaner with a ¼ in. diameter attachment
  • Is 36-in. long to reach those difficult areas

Spruce up Your Microwave

Next to the mini fridge, the microwave is probably the most-used appliance in a dorm room. And since it gets so much use, you should clean it thoroughly from time to time.

An Easy Method for Cleaning a Microwave

  1. Fill a small bowl with water and dissolve 1 or 2 tbsp. of baking soda into it.
  2. Place the bowl in the microwave and run it on high for five minutes.
  3. Leave the bowl in the microwave for an additional few minutes to let the steam penetrate any food stains or grime.
  4. Remove the bowl and use a sponge to wipe away any stains.
  5. If you want an extra clean, remove the turntable/glass plate.
  6. Wash the glass plate with soapy water in the sink.

Clean & Descale Your Coffee Maker

There’s nothing worse than a bad-tasting cup of coffee, so you’ll want to keep your coffee maker as clean as possible throughout each semester. That’s why in addition to daily maintenance, you should deep clean and descale the coffee maker twice every semester.

But before you deep clean, make sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions first to see if they have any special steps for you to follow.

Then, use a product like the Coffee Maker Cleaner from Nuvera. This cleaner is good for cleaning and descaling appliances and it should quickly remove any mineral buildup and lime from your coffee maker. 

All you do is add the cleaner, according to the directions, to water in the coffee maker reservoir and run it until cleaning is complete. After, run two more cycles with fresh, clean, tap water, and then you’re done.

Regular use will help you keep the appliance as clean as possible, so you get great-tasting results.

Use This Checklist to Clean Your Dorm Room Furniture & Appliances

Armed with this checklist, you should be able to keep your dorm room furniture and appliances in excellent shape each semester. With consistent work, you’ll have less to worry about as you focus on studying.

Ensure you stock up on the right products and keep this checklist handy. And if you have roommates, share this list with them and get everyone into helping with the chores.

Once you start regular cleaning and spend a little extra time on this at the start of each semester, you’ll see it’s easy to keep your dorm room furniture and appliances in the best condition possible.