7 Outdoor Fire Pit Options for Fall

Reading Time: 3 minutes

If you’re looking for an outdoor fire pit, you have options whether you prefer propane, gas, or wood. Luckily, the best fire pits are a breeze to set up, durable, and simple to use.

With unique shapes and designs, we think any of these seven fire pits will add style and warmth to your outdoor fall parties or camping trips. 

1. Cook or Heat With the KingSo Multi-Functional Outdoor Fire Pit

The KingSo Multi-Functional Fire Pit offers two-in-one functionality. Besides outdoor heating, this clever fire pit allows for convenient grilling with a stick-resistant and anti-rust cooking grate. Additionally, the height and rotation of the barbecue grill are fully adjustable for perfectly toasted treats.

The fire pit also features a handy mesh screen to keep smoke out of your face, so you can get cosy while cooking or relaxing. Diamond-shaped holes also provide better air circulation for long-lasting burning. KingSo’s wood-burning fire pit also has a spark screen and fire poker to protect you from flying embers.

2. Control Your Comfort With the Bluetooth-Enabled BioLite FirePit

The Bluetooth-enabled FirePit by BioLite is compatible with both charcoal and wood and gives you warmth with minimal smoke. Its patented airflow fire pit technology generates highly efficient flames, and the X-ray mesh body allows you to keep an eye on the fire from all angles.

This fire pit is truly versatile. Its clever design allows you to:

  • Control the flame intensity, manually or remotely, through the free Bluetooth-based app
  • Convert the BioLite FirePit into a portable hibachi-style grill by installing the grill grate
  • Bring it with you wherever you want an outdoor fire pit because it weighs under 20 pounds

3. Light Your Fire Easily With the Premium Gas Fire Pit From Outland Living 

Outland Living’s Premium Fire Pit  runs on propane and features built-in auto-ignition technology, which means lighting fires is quick and easy. It also comes with a chrome valve knob to adjust the flame height for improved control and comfort.

We like the Outland Living Premium Fire Pit for its ease of use and its price tag. This outdoor fire pit is one of the most affordable options we’ve found, ringing in just under $170.

4. Enjoy Cleaner Air With a Smokeless Outdoor Fire Pit

The Bonfire from Solo Stove is perfect for heating larger backyard gatherings. Its updated wood-burning fire pit technology features a double-wall structure with strategically placed holes. These holes draw in air from the bottom and feed heated oxygen to the top, resulting in an even burn that also is spectacular to watch.

Solo Stove’s Bonfire is made of stainless steel and produces little to no smoke. Plus, it also has almost no ash to clean up thanks to how cleanly it burns—all courtesy of its clever design. 

5. Add Style To Your Outdoor Space With a Wood Fire Pit

Although priced a bit higher than other outdoor fire pit options, the large and durable TIKI Fire Pit earns its keep with a design that makes it easy to use and maintain. A built-in airflow system recycles hot smoke back into the fire chamber, so smoke doesn’t ruin your fun. Cleaning and maintenance are also easy thanks to a removable ash pan. 

If you use their TIKI wood packs, this fire pit ignites in less than five minutes and lasts for half an hour. The best part is that you can light it over and over again as the stainless steel chamber keeps looking stylish even after many uses.

6. A Portable Outdoor Fire Pit for Camping  

For the ultimate full-sized bonfire experience, Fireside Outdoor’s Pop Up Pit is one of the best outdoor fire pits for camping. Compact and easy to carry, you can pack down this full-sized pit to the size of a camping chair. Thankfully, it assembles quickly and can warm many people at once.

The pit’s simple cross-braced design is free of bolts and fasteners, and centers the weight for stability. Plus its tightly woven fire mesh keeps the ash contained while allowing air to enter from beneath. Perfect for making sure your outdoor fire pit isn’t a fire hazard while camping.

7. Go Smokeless In Style With a High Tech Fire Pit 

Made from a mix of weathering steel and stainless steel, the X Series 24 Smokeless Fire Pit by Breeo is in it for the long haul. With smart X Airflow technology, the fire pit burns its own smoke for tearless evenings. When used with the compatible SearPlate, the pit gets hot enough to heat pots and pans, as well as cook meat.  

The X Series also offers various fire pit accessories and packages to make your bonfire even more convenient and enjoyable.

Have a Hassle-Free Bonfire With an Innovative Outdoor Fire Pit

Fire pit technology brings you all the joy and warmth of a bonfire with added convenience and comfort. But remember to always read your fire pit’s instructions carefully before lighting. Once the fire is going make sure you’re following all of the safety precautions, then sit back and enjoy the glow from your outdoor fire pit.