Choosing the Best Writing Tablet

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Writing on a smartphone’s small screen can be frustrating. And writing on a desktop or laptop can make it hard to compose on the go. This is why many writers choose to write on a tablet. So if you want to write on a tablet, there are lots of different versions to consider. Here are some options for the best writing tablet to create your latest novel, write school papers, or take care of work.

Convertible Tablets Are Versatile

Convertible tablets have attached keyboards like traditional laptops. But on this kind of tablet you can fold the keyboard behind the screen. A convertible tablet can make for one of the best writing tablets because of versatility and ease of use. 

You can use a convertible tablet like a laptop or a slate tablet. Plus with many models, you can use the keyboard to prop up the screen for easier writing.

If you’re interested in a convertible tablet, check out the Lenovo Yoga 7i (14″ Intel) 2 in 1 Laptop. This tablet includes features like: 

  • Specially rounded edges for comfortable portability
  • Low blue light display to help prevent eye strain
  • Facial recognition for quick logins 

What’s “under the hood” is versatile, too. You can choose an Intel Core i7 or i5 processor, and the operating system is Microsoft Windows 11 Home or Pro. And as far as storage, some models have 512 GB of storage while other others have 1 terabyte (TB).

If you really want to write on the go or away from your desk, this tablet’s batter will let you do just that. The battery lasts for up to 18 hours, and you can get enough power to use this tablet for three hours with just 15 minutes of charging.

The backlit keyboard comes in Stone Blue or Storm Grey, and a Lenovo digital pen is optional. The keyboard and the digital pen are comfortable for writing, and like most tablets, you can run many types of popular writing software on this one, too.

A Tablet With a Stylus Lets You Make Handwritten Notes

A stylus is a device that resembles a pen, and it lets you take notes on a tablet like you would on paper. Many people think a tablet with a stylus is the best writing tablet, especially if you don’t like typing on a keyboard.

If you want to try writing on a tablet, Apple may be the brand to choose. One option is the Apple iPad Pro, which uses Apple’s M2 processor in eight, 10, or 16-core versions. Meanwhile, the iPad Air is a slightly smaller, less expensive version that uses Apple’s M1 processor. 

Either iPad version is compatible with the Apple Pencil. This stylus is wireless, and it attaches to the iPad magnetically so you won’t lose it.

The pencil is tilt- and pressure-sensitive, and the hover mode shows you exactly where the pencil will touch the screen before it makes contact.  

You Can Write From Almost Anywhere With a Sturdy Tablet

With a durable tablet, you can write wherever you are, from a park to a coffee shop to the beach without worrying about potentially damaging it.

If you want to work on the go, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro is a great option. Though it’s marketed to businesses, it can also be a wonderful personal tablet, too. This tablet is resistant to:

  • Dust
  • Dirt
  • Water
  • Sand

Other features that make this tablet a great choice include:

  • A battery lasts up to 15 hours
  • A compact screen is 10.1 inches wide 
  • 64 GB of memory 

Small Slate Tablets Are Portable & Durable

In the running for the best writing tablet, you’ll definitely find a slate tablet. Slate tablets are the simplest type available and usually include just a touchscreen. This means you’d need to buy a separate wireless keyboard if you don’t want to write with a digital keyboard on the screen.

Small slate tablets are usually less costly than other types of tablets, which can free up funds for writing accessories and software you may want to buy.

These devices are excellent for writing while you’re traveling because they don’t take up a lot of space. Plus, they’re usually more durable than larger or more complex devices.

One slate tablet option is the Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet. It comes with a vivid, 10.1-inch, 1080-pixel high-definition (HD) display. Plus, it supports many convenient writing apps.

Another feature writers may find useful is the fact that Amazon’s Fire operating system can show two different apps side-by-side for easy multitasking. 

Other Fire HD features include:

  • An eight-core processor
  • Up to 64 gigabytes of data storage
  • A battery that lasts for up to 12 hours
  • Screen made from aluminosilicate glass for high durability

The Best Writing Tablet Is the One That Works Best for Your Life

A tablet can perform many of the writing-focused functions of a typical laptop but generally for a lower price. But with so many tablets on the market, the best writing tablet for you comes down to what you need in terms of durability, usability, and additional features. 

Before you buy, it’s also a good idea to think about processing speed and the apps available with each tablet’s operating system. Then once you make your choice you can get on your way to composing your next great piece of writing.