Gadgets that Make Spring Cleaning a Lot Easier

Reading Time: 2 minutes

As you’re reading this we’re just getting into the beginning of Spring. What better way to celebrate the season than with a little spring cleaning?! Truthfully, we can probably think of some better options – but if your house is an absolute mess from all the winter clutter, then you should probably do a little spring cleaning before the real celebrations start. 

Fortunately, technology is finding new ways to make our spring cleaning a little easier every day. 

Hoover SmartWash Carpet Cleaner

If you have carpets in your home, you know that keeping them clean is a total pain! Fortunately, the Hoover SmartWash Carpet Cleaner simplifies the process so you can get back to doing just about anything but cleaning a lot sooner! The beauty is in its simplicity – all you have to do is push it forward to clean then pull it back to dry. Also, it comes with different attachments for cleaning furniture and countertops, etc. 

Once you get this one, you’ll never want to let go of it. Ideally, purchasing a protection plan would prevent you from ever having to go without it again!

Sweepovac Built-In Kitchen Vacuum

Honestly, dustpans are so 1990! With the Sweepovac Kitchen Vacuum, you can toss out that dustpan forever. The Sweepovac installs to your kitchen island or any suitable cabinets and vacuums dirt, hair, crumbs, or any small particles you may have left behind. The Sweepovac is great for smaller apartments with limited space, as it tucks away under a cabinet. Furthermore, it eliminates the need for dustpans which helps you clean up faster. Amazon has it for $140 so you can start your spring cleaning in style. 

Window Cleaning Robots

Yep, you read that one correctly – it’s kind of like Skynet…but a lot cleaner! Okay…80’s movie references aside, window cleaning robots make spring cleaning a breeze. The Gladwell Gecko seems like a great optionfor a delicate clean that won’t ruin your windows with its microfiber pads. Also, the Gecko prevents you from having to get up on a ladder and all the fun stuff that comes with manually cleaning windows.

A Robotic Pool Cleaner

Okay, so what better way is there to welcome more amicable spring weather than by hanging out at the pool? For those of you who have pools, you need this in your life: the Zodiac Barracuda G3. The G3 cleans your pool on a daily basis with virtually no effort on your part. Also, this bad boy collects dirt, bugs, and debris to keep your pool looking fresh. 

Ultimately, the ease of use makes the G3 a very enticing offer. Setup takes two simple steps and there are no tools or plumbing required.

UV Sanitizing Wands

Let’s face it, germs are everywhere – but we don’t expect you to carry around a towel and Lysol wherever you go. Fortunately, using UV sanitizing wands make killing bacteria a lot easier! There’s no wiping or spraying involved. Actually, all it takes is a wave of the wand over your handhelds to kill any form of bacteria living in there! 

These are very convenient and affordable for maintaining your spring cleaning. Also, if you have small children, you know everything tends to go in their mouth. Keeping these handhelds clean reduces their exposure to harmful bacteria. For under $40, these are a no-brainer!

Bonus: check out LG’s CLOi Robot Service — you will be amazed!