Tech to Help You Set New Year Goals

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The upcoming year is an exciting time for New Year goals, but it’s easy for the “new you” to get lost in the whirlwind of life’s responsibilities. Your goal may be to save money or learn to play a new instrument. But no matter what you want to achieve, there are tools and products available to help.

Achieve Goals or Break Bad Habits With the Strides App

This New Year’s, you may want to give up your morning coffee ritual. Alternatively, you may want to start getting to bed at a decent hour so that you’re invigorated and prepared to take on the day. In either case, the Strides app (currently available for Apple devices only) can help you stay focused on your plan for a better version of yourself. The Strides app does this by breaking down your goal into manageable chunks.

The app makes it easy for you to track your progress thanks in part to its sleek design. The simple interface highlights your:

  • Averages
  • Habits
  • Milestones
  • Target

With Strides, you get to choose when you want reminders. Plus, you can also receive encouraging notifications when you stick to your plan.

The Memrise App Lets You Learn New Languages With the Help of Native Speakers

Learning languages can be daunting, but Memrise gives you a novel approach to language learning success. The Memrise platform has more than 200 language to choose from and through the app you meet new people in the Memrise community who are native speakers in your chosen language.

Memrise also helps your language-learning New Year goal along with audio, images, and memorization techniques, as well as gamification. Gamification adds an element of competition to the tasks, either by comparing your results against others or offering rewards. In the case of Memrise, you “level up” as you progress. This makes Memrise feel more like a game and less like homework.

Track Your Weight Loss Goals With the PIE Smart Tape Measure

The PIE Smart Tape Measure is something new when it comes to health-focused New year goal setting. The award-winning smart measuring tape takes the speculation out of getting your size and shape measurements right by helping you track your progress in an innovative way.

You use the PIE Smart Tape Measure to take measurements as you usually would. You then view your measurements on the LED screen on the side of the tape measure and send them right to your smartphone with the push of a button for effortless progress tracking.

Add Kygo A3/600 Headphones to Your New Gym Routine

Kygo A3/600 Headphones are the perfect lightweight headphones to add to your gym bag. They’re fashionable enough to wear around town and comfortable enough to keep you company during long workouts with up to 23 hours of playing time. These headphones also fold up and come with a protective carrying case to keep them safe in your gym bag.

With Kygo headphones, you’ll always have a fitting soundtrack to keep you motivated during any type of workout.

Relax More This Year With the PAUSE App

The PAUSE app is for you if you want to commit to everyday mindfulness as a New Year’s resolution. PAUSE is the brainchild of PauseAble ApS and ustwo games, the creators of the relaxing and delightful Monument Valley game. The app features a variety of mindfulness techniques, and its meditation exercises may even help you sleep better.

PAUSE asks you to move colorful shapes around the screen. At the same time, it serenades you with soothing music. The combination of movement and music will bring you into the present and help stress and anxiety melt away.

Start Meditating With Muse 2

If your New Year goal is to discover your mind-body connection, the Muse 2 headband and app will help you do just that. Muse 2 is more than a meditation app. It’s a headset that delivers powerful and accurate, real-time feedback. The device measures characteristics including:

  • Body movement
  • Brain activity
  • Breathing
  • Heart rate

With regular practice over time, it will progress you through easy meditation lessons. Together, the app and headset will serenade you with nature sounds as it reacts to your physical impulses. Muse 2 is the perfect tech to help you if one of your New Year goals is more effective mindful meditation.

Recover From Workouts Faster With Theragun G3

Getting in better shape is one of the most popular New Year goals. If it’s one of your goals this year, the Theragun G3 massager may be just what you need to relieve pain and tension after a hard workout. This device provides several benefits, including:

  • Deep muscle treatment
  • Faster recovery
  • Increased performance

It’s more than a muscle massager—the Theragun G3 provides percussive therapy. This is when a device, for lack of a better phrase, punches the muscles. Unlike a massager, it’s not in contact with your body constantly, but rather pulls back and then makes contact with your body with more depth and force. So, this percussive gun-shaped device increases blood flow and decreases muscle tension.

You may have made a wrong move when starting that new exercise routine. Alternatively, your body may prove a little worse for wear after getting back on the treadmill after a year’s hiatus. These kinds of situations can put a tremendous strain on your body and the Theragun G3 can help relieve the pain as you chase your fitness goals.

The Right Gadgets Can Bring Your New Year Goals to Life

Whether you want to spend more time enjoying an artistic hobby or learning new skills, these apps and gadgets offer fun and engaging ways to meet your New Year goals.