What’s New in Pet Tech

Reading Time: 3 minutes

It’s 2021 and it’s safe to say that technology is an important part of our lives. It has arguably made our lives easier in so many ways, and that includes pet tech. From GPS collars to automatic feeders, there are tons of tech products out there for pets and the humans who love them.

Soothe & Comfort Your Dog or Cat With Music While You’re Away

Dogs and cats can become anxious when you leave the house, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Help calm and soothe your fur baby with an iCalmPet for cats or dogs. The iCalmPet is a speaker that’s perfect for when you’re away, on your way to a scary vet visit, or during noisy holidays.

iCalm Pet’s co-founder Joshua Leeds is a sound researcher, so the music has been formulated according to his study of how music affects the nervous system. Plus, the iCalmPet team constantly tests their music and creates new playlists based on their research.

You can also purchase additional music downloads so you’ll never run our of calming music for your pet. Choose from classical to reggae, or playlists for specific scenarios like fireworks or separation anxiety. There are even playlists to calm down humans, too.

Track Your Pet’s Health & Location With a Wearable

Monitor your pet’s location and well-being at all times with a collar device from Whistle. Choose from two models:

  • Whistle FIT, which tracks health trends like sleeping, activity, and allows you to set your pet fitness goals.
  • Whistle Go Explore, which gives you all of the heath data the Whistle FIT does, but with added location tracking via GPS as well as escape alerts for safety.

Along with the collar you’ll have to buy a subscription, too. You can choose from yearly or monthly plans.

Feed Your Pet While You’re Away With An Automatic Feeder

No one likes to be away from their furry friend for very long, especially when you know you’ll be gone during mealtime. Luckily, there’s pet tech that can prevent any missed meals. Feed your pet remotely with the Pyrus Automatic Feeder, an electric feeder with a variety of models for cats and dogs.

Simply place your pet’s dry food in the main compartment and set it to automatically dispense your desired amount of food at a specific time. You can even create a voice recording that alerts your pet that it’s time to eat.

Entertain Your Cat With Lasers

If there’s any pet tech that will keep your cat active and busy, it’s a laser toy. The PetSafe Bolt Laser Cat Toy is an automatic laser toy that features:

  • Multiple speed settings
  • 16 unique play patterns
  • An adjustable timer

All you need is some AA batteries and your kitty cat will be entertained for hours.

Use Pet Tech to Play With Your Pet From Afar

Using your home’s Wi-Fi connection, the PetCube Play allows you to keep an eye on your dog or cat while you’re out of the house. The stylish and sleek cube boasts a:

  • Wide-angle camera
  • Microphone
  • Laser pointer for interactive play

The indoor pet camera lets you check on your fur baby and even talk to them through the two-way audio feature. There are also sound and motion alerts that let you know about any major events while you’re out.

Burn Off Your Pup’s Energy for Hours With a Talking Toy

Sometimes it’s just not possible to play with your pooch as much as they’d like you to. Thankfully, the Babble Ball is here to help.

The tennis ball-sized talking toy helps you entertain your dog for hours on end. It features a combination of 20 different sounds and sayings that activate when they move it or pick it up. Such phrases as “I’m gonna get you!” “Good doggie,” and other animal sounds from this piece of pet tech will get them riled up and help them burn off energy.

Keep Fresh Water Flowing With Automatic Water Fountains

Featuring a three-stage carbon filtration system, the PetKit Eversweet Water Fountain purifies and filters water for your cat or dog while automatically dispensing water as your pet drinks it.

The ultra-silent, two-liter pet tech device features an LED Blue Light that will remind you when you need to change the filter or if the water level is low. You can even set it to “smart mode,” which will turn the device off when not in use.

Pet tech can not only improve your pets’ lives, but add ease to yours, too.